Web Application Development Company: Make Your App Idea Work for You

Having almost a decade of experience under the belt, our web application development company delivers first-class IT products catering your specific requirements.

Dedicated Developers

We have completed over 300 development cases and assisted a large number of businesses from the variety of industries in achieving their business objectives. A high customer retention rate and our participation the maintenance and upgrading of the delivered cases prove our competence and professionalism as reliable IT partners. The development team has gained immersive experience from projects developed in collaboration with a wide range of businesses, including e-Commerce, Analytics, Data Management, e-Learning and many others. As a time-proven company, we have perfected the conceptualization, development and delivery processes creating a seamless workflow from application project initialization and to its launch. Being committed to app idea, developers know how to cope with evolving requirements and deliver results within the tight deadlines.


Custom Web Applications

The company specialize in crafting custom web solutions making sure that our clients will be able to take the main advantage of our expertise and knowledge. We tailor digital products to the way your company runs the business. Whether it is a development project from scratch, a necessity to migrate legacy backend, willing to improve user experience with streamlined existing front-end functionality, web application development company will be happy to overcome your challenges and help you to accomplish the task in a cost-effective manner.


Cloud Technologies

Cloud computing specialists enable companies to tap into scalable software resources such as information storage and networking and so on. Cloud technologies let our company build software products which adjust to the number of users. Expert web app developers have leveraged this technology as soon as it became available. We love crafting complex cloud projects providing customer companies with highly scalable solutions which are optimized for the particular needs of our clients and secure enough to store their vital corporate data.


Technology Competence

Web application development company should obtain an impressive tech stack to meet the needs of modern businesses. Being one of the best in the web industry, we offer a wide range of services and end-to-end development. We can boast a dull-scope team of developers from talented juniors to experienced seniors, all of them know their toolbox perfectly well. Being ready to help customers to take advantage of this or that technology, we prove our expertise with every particular case we have. We strive to deliver digital products that exceed client’s expectations and provide users with what they actually need. Being master of everything from frontend scripting to backend, developers can craft sophisticated and elegant solutions providing them with amazing functionality.

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PHP Expertise

PHP is one of the most widely used scripting languages. It is general-purpose, open source and can be embedded into HTML. Developers use PHP to enable its code to be executed on the server so that client receives the outcomes of running the script with not knowing the underlying code. Professional PHP developers can utilize multiple advanced features of this programming language. Working with PHP parser, such as server module or CGI, web server and web browser, PHP programmers achieve their goals and solve tasks that found your program. We can even make a script to run without any server or browser to enable the program perform text processing or any other simple tasks.

PHP Benefits

This technology is used on all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix and others. Besides, this programming language has support for multiple web servers and databases. Not only collect form data, cookies, and dynamic pages available with PHP, but also server-side and command line scripting, and desktop applications. Its capabilities are really broad and empowering, and competent web programmers will assist your company with taking advantage of them, whether it is real-time communication, social functionality, eCommerce, or customization and enhancement of management systems.

Competence in Java

Java presents a general-purpose, class-based, and object-oriented programming language. We love this technology for its portability, as far as our competence enables us to write compiled Java code which is written once and can run anywhere. The development company that can boast a strong team of Java developers can write code for multiple platforms without recompilation. Java is one of the most popular technologies for client-server web applications and we know how to make it work for your programs. Oracle’s programming language enables developers to utilize an automatic garbage collector which improves memory management practices.

Java Capabilities

Java has a broad usage in modern web development services. With enough skills in this technology, developers can deliver anything from scientific to financial apps, desktop applications, electronic trading systems and so on. A lot of investment banks use Java for their backend in confirmation systems, data processing projects, etc. Java is more often applied for server-side applications. It is also big on e-commerce and web applications fields. Thanks to RESTful services, and other frameworks and libraries. Besides, there are many big data technologies which run using Java, such as Hadoop, Apache, Accumulo, ElasticSearch and others.

.NET Framework

Microsoft’s .NET Framework was developed to support crafting and running XML web services and next generation of applications. The usage of .NET technology ensures consistent programming environments for object-oriented code whether it is executed remotely or locally. With it we can minimize versioning conflicts and software deployment. Furthermore, with it developers can ensure safe execution with no performance problems of code even if it belongs to third party. And code based on the .NET technologies will be compatible with any other code. Knowing its common language runtime (CLR) and class library, our development team can provide you with first-class applications.

Advantages of .NET

.NET Framework open the doors for creating a variety of applications types, including Console, Windows, web applications, electronic record-keeping solutions, CRM systems, data management and analytics and so on. Development companies which have .NET experts can provide you with highly secure and robust web solutions. This competence preserves the highest quality of IT products reducing the development time. .NET programmers can provide you with scalable applications with smooth performance characteristics. ASP.NET in particular assists in creating data-driven web applications and web services that respond to the users requests.

Frontend Technologies

All user interfaces in the Web designed with the frontend technologies which provide programs and systems with layout, navigation, appealing look and interactivity. There are three basic client-side technologies which actually build the Web. Whether it is a simple company website, or comprehensive management system it will have a frontend part responsible for that visual image which interacts with users. These technologies are HTML, CSS and Javascript. Each of the provides its own input in the web development starting visual elements, their arrangement and up to the interactivity between them.

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

HTML5 - a markup language - enables developers to do online almost everything without additional browser plugins and other software. Apart from the layout, the latest version of this technology assists developers in animation, music and video integration. Being a cross-platform technology it perfectly fits for building mobile-friendly applications.

CSS3 - a style sheet language - enables frontend development team to deliver stunning visual effects and advanced visualization of data.

JavaScript - client-side scripting language - is supported by most web browsers and provides environments for object-oriented development and procedural programming. With its cutting-edge frameworks and top-notch libraries, this language enables developers to bring interactivity on the websites making user experience more engaging.

First-Class IT Company

This web application development company has worked with numerous development projects and has delivered hundreds of elegant and empowering applications to customer companies. We know how to build engaging user experience and responsive layouts for the business-driven applications. And if you are looking for someone who can make your company to take advantage of the modern information technologies, we will be glad to assist you as a committed software development partner. Just call us.

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Mobile-Friendly Websites

The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices makes mobile-friendliness an obliged aspect of web development. Mobile web design ensures your site usability on a wide range of the displays. We are quite good usability experts whose proficiency in graphic design and front-end development enable us to ensure great look and feel of your website on any device. Whether potential customers reach your website from the device with smaller screen size and low resolution gadgets or give their preferences to larger displays and high-resolution image, your web presence will be ready to adjust to these parameters and scales.

Startup Application Development

As experienced developers, we will be happy to bring your innovative vision to mass. We believe that amazing ideas should be realized as high-qualitative solutions and hence we put our heart in startup projects. If you want to tap in the IT industry and look for someone who will help you to navigate this field, this development team is waiting for you in our office in the USA. We can assure you in our reliability as tech partners thanks to the wealth of experience we gained during collaboration with the most ambitious startups. We adhere to low-risk approach and established engagement model which reduce the delivery time, ensure high quality and optimize the project budget.

Enterprise-Level Solutions

Enterprises often face the necessity to integrate enterprise application software (EAS) in their workflow to overcome the existing business challenges. We know how to make computer software to meet organization needs and seamlessly integrate it in your existing information system. With a tailored business-oriented tool, your company can ensure more efficient management of the enterprise content, data, IT services, customer relationships, projects and enterprise resources. Custom program development can enable your company to process online payment, implement interactive catalogue, automate billing system and optimize many other working processes.