Featured Projects

We have been working with a multitude of different industry verticals enlarging our IT expertise with multiple background insights. Inevitably, it results in profound business understanding and perfectly tailored software solutions. Take a look at our latest project.


Daily Planner

A daily social planning tool for mobile devices was developed to enable users to manage their plans and upcoming events in a more efficient manner. The app includes event creating and friends inviting functionality. We simplified the registration procedure letting users log in with the help of their social accounts. App menu includes an activity feed, personalised calendar, and tab with user-created events, list of friends, and settings. The app presents an interactive agenda.


Price Monitoring

One of our projects was dedicated to the creation of a sophisticated web application for analysing and monitoring Minimum Advertised Price, Universal Price, and retail channels strategies. The program enables users to acquire a complete daily online coverage of SKU level activity and enforce price compliance and promotions reducing channel pricing conflict. Our team ensured seamless navigation and intuitive layout design helping users quickly integrate it into their work.


Thumb a Ride

We faced the task to design and develop a website that helps its visitors to find ride companions and share their gas costs. The website enables registered users to find a ride entering the required date, such as start and destination places. It also lets users offer a ride entering the same information and adding the cost of it. To make user experience familiar, we integrated Google Maps API which shows the routes. Social media functionality enables seamless communication.



A new financial services web-based application for our startup client presents an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way our customer and his employees finance the renewable energy projects. The program opens up bonds to individual investors. The program has intuitive and responsive design ensuring great user experience on all devices from desktop computers to the tablets. The program has a robust functionality and solid architecture empowering users.



Our customer, a cloud computing technology company, became our client since 2012 maintaining a cooperative association with us. As one of our joint projects, we were engaged in developing a front-end web user interface for the application cooperating with their internal engineering team who were working on the backend. We worked collaboratively and developed the sophisticated UI design that drives customer’s powerful proprietary technology.

Frontend development


Our team was retained to develop a new mobile application iOS and Android platforms to improve the internal operations of our customer company. We met the company executives to acquire the understanding of the existing workflow and business model. We developed native software solutions for Android and iOS devices and connected them to a cloud server with the help of APIs. The app meets client’s requirements accelerating and optimizing internal processes.