iPad Web App Development

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Native apps only used on the device particular they have been created for while web apps are universal and can be used on any mobile device. Native apps are created using Objective C, C++, x-code and iPad SDK while Web apps are based on web browser and they are created using HTML5, JQuery, HTML, CSS and advance JavaScript.

With these major difference keeping in mind you have to decide which sort of application you want for your purpose? There are many services which need support of internet and are browser based plus you want to use your application on different platforms simultaneously and cover broad spectrum of audience for your application. In such cases you definitely need web app developed by talented and well experienced ipad developers. iBits is a place where you will find such talented and experienced team offering services at market competitive rates.

What iBits Offers You

Creative, talented, experienced, dedicated and well trained team of developers for iPad web apps development.

High quality web apps which are completely fit for large screen of the iPad

Development with excellent logic which results into robust application

Optimized web app to utilized the diverse features of iPad

Creative and talented graphic designers to make application splendid.

Clients centric approach and extremely user-friendly application