Application Developers, who build first-class software solutions

Our team of skilled application developers is ready to translate an idea into code that composes a brilliant working program for use in your business.

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A full spectrum of services

Our job involves everything from conceptualization of software products when our business analysts and project managers help to write specifications to the program. And we continue our work designing the user interface, building software architecture, implementing the functionality of any complexity, testing its performance till it fully caters your needs. Our team also offers technical support after launch helping to maintain and update the program and also incorporate new functionality.

Team with unlimited capabilities

Software engineers and programmers will be happy to share with you their in-depth knowledge of computer languages and software development tools and help you to make your innovative ideas come true. Our team of senior and junior developers can write an app for a particular system such as iOS or Android, Windows or OS X, or we can provide you with a software solution that runs on numerous platforms embracing both desktop and mobile devices.


How we transform your wishes in the digital reality

Based on your software requirements, we develop and maintain programs that transform the way you communicate and do business. We have IT experts who specializes in different development fields including mobile phone applications, web software, intranet portals, CRM suites and many others making our development company capable of providing a full range of end-to-end services.


Industry expertise

Our application developers have experience of work with different industry verticals and business niches, including finance and insurance, medicine, chemistry and healthcare, energy saving and maintenance, real estate and transport and logistics, management and education, etc. We know how to cooperate and write programs according to the given specifications.

Among our projects of custom software you can find backend programming for mobile application, web interfaces for a graphic tool, mobile application for IoT project, and social networks for software engineers and programmers. Highly proficient and experienced developers as ours can provide bespoke solutions for generic products or and well-known brands, work with startups and established corporations.


Development Methods

There are two main ways to develop custom software, Agile and Waterfall, which are opposite to each other and their usage depends on the project requirements. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and fortunately, our development team can offer you the development based on any of these methodologies.

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Waterfall approach

Waterfall development is a traditional way to build custom software solution which presents a sequential design process. With the waterfall methods, developers build applications step by step, starting new stage after they have finished the previous one. As one step was complete, developers do not come back to it. That means that customer should have a clear idea of the application, fixed budget on its realisation, fixed timeframes and fixed list of specifications. During the development, programmers keep records and thorough documentation ensuring the way out to improve upon the existing program in the future. The main drawback of this approach is that it relies on initial planning and does not allow making changes during the development.

Agile methodology

Agile methods appeared after waterfall as a solution that deals with the disadvantages of the traditional way. Agile development presents an incremental, iterative, and flexible approach to the development. Using this approach developers can make changes after the initial planning and adjust the program to the evolving requirements throughout the development. The process consists of several sprints, and each of them can be evaluated and tested ensuring better customization and high quality. It is important to have an experienced project manager to make sure that project won’t become a series of code sprints, and our team can provide you with a manager who has enough qualification.

We Do More than Just Coding

The principle function of many application developers is to make devices perform specific tasks, but our team go further and set another goal the developers. We strive to solve challenges, to increase productivity and efficiency, to improve customer relationships, to accelerate business growth and optimize internal processes or meet any other needs of our clients. We use information technologies to solve actual problems and make a difference. Our principal function is to assist our customers in meeting their business goals with the help of innovative and tailor-made software solutions.

Build the Core

When our team has a clear understanding of the problem and list of specifications, software engineer breaks down programs specifications into simple elements, and programmers translate this logic into a programming language. QA experts analyse the project and devise potential solutions to anticipated challenges that may occur during the development. Our developers work as a team, and every particular project has it own purely established team with every member working on a specific section of the program.

Design User Interface

Design department creates a clickable prototype of the future product which we demonstrate to our customers and test for user-friendliness. We can work together with client’s PR team ensuring implementation of the visual identity. Designing user interface, our team not only think of its attractiveness and interactivity which help to engage users but also its intuitivity eliminating any frustrations that may occur during the first exploration of the application and make users abandon the program. When the design is approved, developers combine all elements of the program and test it.

Qualification and Skills

Software developers can boast not only a good level of technical knowledge but also competence in business and management and information systems. Meeting our team, you see commitment and interest to information technologies backed up with an extensive record of success stories we participated in. High-level programming and other technical skills enable us to bring to life the most complex software ideas while ingenuity and creativity help us to find out-of-the-box solutions and realize innovations. With a strong analytic team, we approach to problem-solving in a logical manner paying attention to details. We also have good communication skills realizing all the importance of the ability to understand our client correctly. Talking to you, project manager strives to get an in-depth understanding of your needs and ideas and when it comes to the programming we talk to you in plain English conveying technical information in a concise and clear way. Magora developers are professional app creators.

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Web programmers

We started as a web development company providing customers with e-commerce sites, portals, bespoke databases and many other web solutions demonstrating excellence in both backed and frontend development. Backend programming also known as a server-side scripting involves utilizing scripts on a web server which respond to the users’ requests on the website. Our team is proficient in server-side technologies such as ASP.NET, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python, and Java. And we also can boast the presence of Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers in the category of web applications in the team. Backend enables developers to enrich websites with greater functionality and capabilities. Among client-side technologies we use, enables us to create an interactive and engaging user interface design, display content in the required way and integrate visual elements. Web developers can arrange the user interface with the help HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, ActionScript, AJAX and other frontend technologies.

Mobile application developers

In 2010, we decided to focus on mobile software solutions as mobile devices started to gain huge popularity with more and more hardware capabilities. The presence of such powerful mobile gadgets has changed the way we access information, communicate and run business. And every new mobile application provides users more capabilities to benefit from their mobile devices. We collected talented and creative mobile developers and created a mobile department responsible for mobile application development services. Our team have expertise in writing mobile programs using Objective-C, Swift, C++, C#, and Java, that means we can provide software solutions for all major mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows and others. Our in-house development team can support mobile functionality with application programming interfaces (APIs) integration, and it also has access to numerous libraries and frameworks.

Quality Guarantees

We conduct numerous tests to ensure the highest quality. Our testers check if the output from the application works as it was intended, test sample datasets, check its security, stability, performance and usability. This is a continuous process which goes throughout the development responding to problems and making corrections when it is necessary. We evaluate program’s effectiveness and increase it until application meets its goals. Every time we adapt the program to evolving requirements incorporating new features, testers ensure that integration was smooth. When we get the working program, QA experts and UX designers run user-acceptance testing to make sure that application is easy-to-use, fast and accurate.